Though the answer is logical and rational, it doesnt work. Problem will remain the same. Reason is, problem will have a root. Answer has to target the root but not the problem.  Person with good insight and trained psychologists only can understand the root. Good insight can be developed by practicing mindfulness. (I will explain mindfulness in next post)
Imagine a very poor girl who is afraid of exams.Teacher might try to convince her by telling about chances of passing exam, how easy the subject is and how clever the girl is. She will be sent to coaching. Her parents will ask her to reduce distractions. Her siblings will hug her and they will say that they can help her. Friends will ask her not to take exams so serious. The girl is answered in all the ways and then also she is afraid. Guess the root!
She might have seen her father struggling so hard to pay her fee and so she got extra pressure on her in order to do justice to fathers money!!!
Its shocking. But it could be true. Root is the economic status and people should assure her about money. Her father has to convince her by saying “I can work hard for you and it gives me pleasure. Concentrate on studies and dont think about fee. We will try for scholarship next year.” This will remove her fear!!!

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