Though the answer is logical and rational, it doesnt work. Problem will remain the same. Reason is, problem will have a root. Answer has to target the root but not the problem.  Person with good insight and trained psychologists only can understand the root. Good insight can be developed by practicing mindfulness. (I will explain … Continue reading

Scientifically, love is a combination of passion, intimacy and commitment.Practically, there are so many aspects. There are so many misconceptions and complications.Respect and its formsAny form of love basically involves mutual respect. If you love someone, you should be able to respect them. Respect involves acceptance that is, acceptance of other person’s thoughts, words, actions … Continue reading

People believe that copying is wrong because it is unethical. Top student and dumb students will get equal marks when they copy and that is injustice. Weak student will not study when he gets chance to copy.Now I am going to present a completely different perspective here. Copying builds dependence. We will not study on … Continue reading

Writing your feelings reduces the emotions. If you are sad or angry, you can write down whatever comes to your mind. That reduces your adness or anger.Sometimes problems appear very big. Writing down organizes the thoughts and makes perception perfect. Actual size of problem could be understood after writing