Many of the humans try to help others in different ways. Some are selfish. Some are self centered. We think that selfish people are most dangerous. In reality, most dangerous impact is created by ignorant helpers!!!!!
We cannot understand how the other persons are thinking. But still we make predictions and decide what is good for them. We impose our ideas on others. We generalize things. This is the root cause of all problems, atleast in countries like India where, we are being tought to listen to other people (example: parents, teachers, husband, elders and so on….) There is default hierarchy of cognition in the society which clashes with the individualistic free will.
Then what could be the solution? Cant we help others? Definitely yes. We can… But for that, we need to listen to them, respect their thoughts and do a favour which is being asked by them. The only difference is freedom. In families, agreement can be made rather than compromise. Compromise leaves both the parties with dissatisfaction where as agreement gives mutual benifits.
Giving respect to thought is giving respect to a person in most dignified way….

Many people believe that money is a key factor behind health, wealth and happyness. I wrote some other posts on this topic. Poor people might enjoy social life and be very happy where as a rich person might live lonely sad life.
In the same way, many people beleive that modernization is ruining life. Everything is becoming artificial. New generation is not enjoying social life. They have many compliants with mobile phones and technology.
I can write more and more on this topic but, I am sticking in this post only to mental health aspect. Here I am proving that above mentioned assumptions are wrong with a solid example. Depression and bipolar disorders are more common among upper socioeconomic groups and in rural areas.
Reference: Kaplon and Sadock’s Synopsis of psychiatry.