Who is a monk? Can sprinckling of water fetch you anything? What is consiousness and freedom from all emotions?
To start discussion, the right place is ‘human wants’. What a human really want? A car? A palace? Light? Air? What is underlying all desires? Its nothing but freedom. If human want only light, why will he construct place to hide and electricity and fire to light inside home? What he wants is not light. He want freedom to control light. So he can be inside when he don’t want light and he can light inside when he want. So some prisoners will be given everything except freedom. All the problems come when someone tries to occupy other’s freedom.
Next thing is control of the freedom. How will a human decide when to on the light and off the light? It is either based on theories he had learned through out life or through future predictions by understanding all completely.
Whatever he learned is nothing but the Ego, the feel of I. So predictions are not possible until this feeling of I is lost. So the person who loose ego, can give freedom to all and can understand all is a monk or Sanyasi. That stage can be achieved slowly over years by practice and meditation but not through single day conversion process

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