Why should we feel happy? Srilanka or pakistan lost the match and India won. But once upon a time, they were parts of India. We separated and now one of the x part of our country has got defeated. This match itself would not have been there at all. So is it our achievement or defeat?? Next thing is, what happens if we win? will it eradicate poverty? will it help needy people? will it develop new scientific theories? or will it reduce worries? why should we develop passion towards it?
Why are the people so emotional? why are they throwing eggs on cricketers faces? when such emotions develop, all the happiness for victory may turn into sadness when we loose! If there is a positive effect, there will be equal and opposite negative effect! Is it necessary??
Other thing is, after getting all these thoughts, I asked my friends, relatives, others about their opinions. All of them gave me many reasons for which they like cricket. Those reasons could explain me the depth of their passion towards cricket. But none of them clearly explained me the origin and reason for development of such passion! some people simply gave me reason that they love cricket because India won many matches. In my opinion this is the worst answer. Let me ask one question about this. If India stands in number one position in harmful drug production, will you start liking drugs??? Next thing is, why do we say “India won”?? here, we should say that “Indian cricket team has won”. But why India?? Is it a third world war to mention country name?
If we consider a mother with two small children, when one of the children happily comes and tells her that they both played game and he won, mother will not appreciate him. She will take both her sons into her lap and prizes both the sons and she will ask the one who has won not to make his brother cry. She will ask them to be together. WE ALL ARE IN CHILD STAGE!!! WHEN WILL WE GROW UP????

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